How to e-File HVUT Form 2290 Amendments

We hope that you had a good HVUT e-filing experience with Taxseer2290 and expect to provide the e-file service to your business in the coming years. The best situation would be to file the Form 2290 for your vehicle(s) in the month of July or early part of the tax year before the IRS deadlines and pay taxes to the IRS and relax for the entire tax year. However, there are some situations that arise from time to time and you need to file form 2290 amendments to remain compliant with IRS laws regarding HVUT.

Filing HVUT Form 2290 Amendments

We provide options to e-file Form 2290 Amendment for different reasons:

  • Taxable Gross Weight Increase: You can use this feature to fix any incorrect reporting related to gross weight of the vehicle. Any modification done to the vehicle that could lead to the gross weight increase should be reported through the HVUT Form 2290 amendment option so that any tax increase could be reported and paid to the IRS.


  • VIN Correction: The most common issue that is generally reported by the users during HVUT form 2290 e-filing is VIN related. Due to the 17 character alphanumeric VIN, the user often mistype it while entering the information manually. Though they have the opportunity to verify the entire filing information in the last step before submission but still this issue happens. IRS provides the stamped schedule 1 with the incorrect VIN# and when they present it to the DMV to get the vehicle tag renewed then it is identified.

While performing the VIN correction, you need to provide the incorrect VIN reported earlier and the correct VIN. Once the VIN correction request is submitted on Taxseer2290, the new Schedule 1 is immediately emailed to the registered user.


  • Mileage Exceeded: If you reported your vehicle in the suspended category in the Form 2290 filing and later on the mileage crosses 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicle) during the tax year then you are required to report the mileage increase. You will be required to provide the VIN, start date of filing and the mileage exceeded date to complete the amendment process and the Taxseer2290 system will calculate the tax to be paid. New Schedule 1 is generated and emailed to the registered email address for the amendment.


If you ever find yourself in the situation where you need to file amendment for your previous filing then just log into the site and click on the Start Filing button and select the HVUT form 2290 amendment option. The e-file wizard will guide you step by step to complete and submit the amendment.

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