4 Common Reasons Why Form 2290 Online Gets Rejected

Taxseer2290 provides a very user friendly e-filing solution driven by the wizard to guide user step-by-step to complete and submit the Online Filing. Taxseer2290 provides all possible validations to prevent the users from entering incorrect data so that the HVUT e-filing is accepted by the IRS system. However, there are some data issues that cannot be validated by Taxseer2290 and only IRS system can validate and reject the filings. The top four common mistakes during e-filing Form 2290 Online are discussed below though they can be easily avoided if the user proactively gets the accurate data from the required source before filing:

  1. Business Name & EIN mismatch: The Business Name, address, and EIN has to match with what the IRS has on their file. If there is a mismatch then the e-file is rejected with the proper error message. The users are notified about the rejections through emails containing steps to resubmit the rejected filing free of cost any number of time till the e-file is rejected. Alternatively, the user can see the error message and the resubmission option in the dashboard screen. You can call the IRS directly to verify your information.
  2. E-filing within 2 weeks of receiving a new EIN: For new EIN, IRS recommends users to wait for at least 2 weeks before e-filing Form 2290 as it takes around that many days to update the new EIN in the e-file system. Any submissions done before the 2 weeks period are generally rejected and the users are then notified about this rule from IRS and asked to come back after 2 weeks and resubmit their order free of cost and receive their Schedule 1.
  3. Duplicate filing: If the user files the same vehicle in the same tax year more than once then IRS system rejects the e-filing with the error message “Duplicate filing exists”.
  4. Incorrect Bank Account# / Routing #: Entering the incorrect bank account# and routing# leads to e-file rejection and the user can resubmit the filing after correcting the account information.

Make sure to carefully read all instructions provided on the screen and enter the information considering the aforementioned issues so that rejections can be avoided and there will be no delay in e-filing and receiving the Form 2290 Online Schedule 1. Taxseer2290 is committed to provide a good user experience during e-filing and we suggest the users to use the FAQ provided on the website or contact our chat support in case of any confusion.

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