How to e-file Form 8849 – Schedule 6 for HVUT Credit Claims

If you owe taxes to IRS for Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) then you file form 2290 to report and pay your taxes. However, if IRS owes money for any over payment of HVUT then you can claim credit by filing form 8849 – Schedule 6. Some of the reasons for which you can submit your HVUT claims to IRS are as follows:

  1. Claim credit on a Sold or Destroyed or Stolen vehicle(s)

If taxes were paid till the end of the tax period and the vehicle got sold, destroyed or stolen somewhere before the end of the tax period then you can claim credit for the extra HVUT payment that you have from the event date to the end of the tax period.

  1. Vehicle used less than the vehicle mileage use limit

If you filed the HVUT form 2290 for your vehicle as a taxable vehicle in the previous year and paid taxes on it and did not drive the vehicle more than the vehicle mileage limit of 5,000 miles (7,500 miles for the agricultural vehicles) then you can claim credit for the taxes paid. You can only claim such credit in the next tax year and not in the current tax year.

  1. Overpayment of taxes

The credit on any overpayment of taxes due to any reason e.g. overpayment of taxes done due to filing the vehicle under higher weight category to later on realize that it has to be filed in lower weight category, can be  claimed using this option.

Taxseer2290 provide options to enter all required proofs including documents submission so that this information is e-filed to the IRS for verification. IRS sends the check for the credit amount to the business address normally in 6-7 weeks.

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