Case of e-Filing HVUT Form 2290 Online and Form 8849 Schedule 6 together

Have you ever come across the scenario where you have to file Form 2290 Online to report and pay HVUT to IRS and at the same time claim credit for some vehicle(s)? You must be wondering whether to file a separate Form 2290 and Form 8849 to pay HVUT and claim credits respectively. This means that you first pay the taxes for the taxable vehicles and then file form 8849 separately to claim credit. There should be a simple way to handle this case so that the credit amount is adjusted with the tax amount that you owe so that you only pay or receive the differential amount.

Taxseer2290 has a very easy and flexible solution for you that work under multiple scenarios. The following scenarios will help to understand our solution in detail:

Scenario 1: Mark is planning to file Form 2290 for 3 vehicles under V category (taxable gross weight above 75,000 pounds) and realized that he has to claim credit for a damaged vehicle (V Category) for which he filed form 2290 last year and paid taxes and the vehicle was damaged in the month of September last year. Once Mark enters the information about the 3 taxable vehicle and 1 credit vehicle in Taxseer2290 then the system automatically calculates the tax amount ($1650) for 3 taxable vehicles and the credit amount of $412.50 and provides the final tax amount of $1237.50 that mark owes to IRS. There is no need to file form 8849 as the credit amount is less than the taxes he owes and it just gets adjusted in the total payment. Mark doesn’t have to go through the hassles of e-filing and paying for two different forms separately and very easily receives the Schedule 1 within minutes of filing.

Scenario 2: Derek is planning to file Form 2290 for 1 vehicle under V category and also claim credit on two damaged vehicles that got damaged last year in the month of September. Once Derek enters the information about the single taxable vehicle and 2 credit vehicles in Taxseer2290 then the system automatically calculates the tax amount of $550 on the taxable vehicle and credit amount of $825 and provides the final credit amount of $275. Taxseer2290 automatically generates the Form 2290 e-file for the taxable vehicle and form 8849 for the remaining credit amount that Derek has to claim from IRS. The two forms are automatically e-filed and Derek won’t have to make any payment to the IRS. IRS receives the credit request and mails the check for the credit amount after proper verification. Obviously, the schedule 1 will be instantly issued to Derek and he can go to the DMV to get his vehicle tag renewed.

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