Prerequisites for IRS HVUT Form 2290 e-filing

The first time HVUT Form 2290 e-file users are little apprehensive about the e-filing steps and the mistakes that could lead to the e-file rejections. Taxseer2290 provides a very user friendly e-filing option that guides the users step by step to complete and submit the error-free e-filings. There are some prerequisites before you start e-filing the HVUT Form 2290 through Taxseer2290:

  1. Email Address to sign up and operate the account: A valid email address of the user operating the account will be required to sign up on the site. All email communications including the delivery of IRS Stamped Schedule 1 is sent to this address. The sign up process on site is very easy and just needs the first & last name, email address and a password of the user to create an account.
  2. Business Information: The user is required to provide the business details of the organization filing the Form 2290 or Form 8849 returns. Some of the key information related to the business are:
    1. Business type – Corporation, Estates, Partnerships, Trust and Fiduciaries, Exempt Organization, Inc, LLC, Sole Proprietorship, and Others
    2. Business Name & Doing Business As (DBA) name
    3. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    4. Business Address
    5. Contact Information
    6. Signing Authority details
  3. Vehicle(s) details: You will need to know the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number of the vehicle which is generally a 17 character identification number used to uniquely identify a vehicle. The gross weight of the vehicle (the empty weight of the vehicle + the weight that it will carry) will be required and the system will automatically calculate the taxes based on that. You will also be required to know under which category the vehicle has to be filed e.g., Taxable, Suspended, and Agricultural.

A vehicle whose gross weight is 55,000 pounds or more and the total miles for the tax year exceeds 5000 miles (7500 miles for the agricultural vehicles) then it falls under the taxable vehicle and you have to pay taxes to the IRS. If the mileage on the vehicle is less than 5000 miles in the Tax year then it can be filed under Suspended vehicle option. Please note that no tax is applicable for the suspended vehicle but the reporting to the IRS is mandatory.

  1. IRS payment related details: You can choose to pay IRS through any of the three available payment options 1) Direct debit from the checking / saving account 2) EFTPS 3) Check/Money Order.

If you select the direct debit from the checking/saving account then you will need the bank account# and the routing #. For the EFTPS option, you need to have an EFTPS account with IRS. For further information or enrolling into the EFTPS account, please visit the website

If you select the check / money order option then you just need to write the check or prepare the money order  and mail it to IRS with the 2290V voucher that is generated with the completed form 2290.

  1. Credit Card details to pay for the Taxseer2290 service charge: We accept credit card for service charge payment and you can choose from any of the card from vendors like American Express, Visa, and Master card to make payment. You will be required to provide the card number, expiration date, CVV#, Name on the card, and the billing address.

Once the aforementioned information are handy then go to the website and select the sign up option to create a free account with us. Once you are logged into the system then select the Start Filing button and the e-file wizard will guide you step by step to complete and submit the filing. You will instantly be provided the IRS stamped Schedule 1which you can print and present it to the DMV to renew your vehicle tag.

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