Notifications for every situation when you e-file Form 2290 Online

Form 2290 Online

One of the most popular feature that has made Taxseer2290 the fastest growing IRS-authorized e-file service provider for Tax Form 2290 & Form 8849 is our robust workflow status notifications to the users.  When you prepare your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) using TaxSeer2290, you will receive notifications at every step of the way via email and in your TaxSeer2290 dashboard. These notifications include the following:

Form 2290 Online

Signup Notification

When you sign up for your free TaxSeer2290 account, you will immediately receive an email alert to confirm that the setup is complete.  Now you’re ready to use the smoothest, most affordable HVUT Form 2290 e-file service provider in the industry!

TaxSeer Wallet Credit Notification

TaxSeer Wallet is another feature that TaxSeer2290 users love!  With TaxSeer Wallet, you can add credit to your online account to use as payment for future service charges.  When you add funds to your TaxSeer Wallet, you will receive an email alert stating the new current account balance.

Payment Notification

As soon as you have submitted your order on TaxSeer2290 and paid the low service charge fee using credit card, you will immediately receive a payment receipt in your email with the full details of the transaction.

Notification of Tax Return Acceptance or Rejection

Once the completed Form 2290 Online is electronically transmitted to the IRS through TaxSeer’s secure e-file system, Taxseer2290 will receive acknowledgement from the IRS system on whether or not your Form 2290 online filing was accepted.  When your filing is accepted, TaxSeer will deliver your stamped Schedule 1 form via email.  In the off chance your e-file is rejected, TaxSeer will notify you with the reason for the rejection.  If this occurs, TaxSeer will help you make the required revisions to complete your e-file.

IRS Payment Instruction

Once your return is submitted, it’s time to pay the IRS. There are several options for payment to choose from, including Electronic Fund Withdrawal (EFW) from checking/saving account, EFTPS, Check or Money Order, and Credit Card. Once you’ve decided on your preferred form of payment, TaxSeer2290 will send you instructions on how to make your payment. As a reminder, this payment is separate from the TaxSeer service charge and must be made outside of the TaxSeer system (barring the EFW option) due to IRS regulations.  Fortunately, our easy-to-follow instructions will make this process as pain-free as possible. If you decide to pay via Check or Money Order, TaxSeer will send you the payment voucher via email for you to include with your mailed submission to the IRS.  If you choose to pay via credit card, we will send clear instructions on how to do so through the IRS website.

Rejected Filings Resubmission Reminder

If your e-file is rejected by the IRS for any reason, Taxseer2290 has your back!  We will send reminder emails so that you can quickly correct and resubmit your rejected filing and get back to managing your fleet.

Due Date Reminder

Tax season for HVUT starts soon!  Taxseer2290 takes the stress out of looming deadlines by sending email reminders to our registered users so that they can take advantage of Form 2290 Online pre-filing as well as reminders of when e-filing begins and the final due date for returns. There’s a lot to keep track of during tax season.  Fortunately, Taxseer2290 users will keep up to date on all the latest updates thanks to our robust status notification system.  Sign up today for the fastest growing IRS-authorized e-file service provider to take advantage of this and other popular features.  As part of our commitment to convenience, we are available via phone at (240) 780-6153 or via email at Contact us today for help getting started!



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