How to Pre-File IRS HVUT Form 2290 online with Taxseer2290

Pre File Form 2290 Online

When you have a busy fleet to manage, it’s never too early to begin working on your taxes!  Fortunately, Taxseer2290 was created with efficiency in mind.  Starting in June, you can pre-file your Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290 and Form 8849 for the current tax year.

Pre File Form 2290 Online 2021-22

To our many returning clients: welcome back!  A simple click of the “Copy Filing” option in your account will get you started. On the TaxSeer2290 platform, you can set up your pre-fillings so that they will automatically be submitted after the start of the IRS filing period on July 1st. And when you use the direct debit option for payment, you will not be charged until the filing actually takes place!

To our TaxSeer2290 newcomers: congratulations on finding the leading IRS-authorized e-file service provider for Form 2290 Online and 8849! Our powerful solution has helped users easily e-file their taxes on thousands of vehicles.  Simply follow the steps below to get started:

  • Create a free account on
  • Enter the requisite business information for Forms 2290 and 8849, including your DBA name, business type, Employer Identification Number (EIN), Address, Contact Information, and authorized signatory.
  • Select the relevant HVUT form type from the available options.
  • Enter the month you would like to begin filing (July of the current year if you started operating prior to the month of July).
  • Enter information for all taxable (>5000 miles), suspended (<5000 miles), and credited(destroyed/damaged) vehicles.  Our TaxSeer2290 system will automatically calculate the total taxes and credits due based on the information provided on your fleet.
  • Select the type of payment you will use for your HVUT payment to the IRS.  We offer direct debit, electronic federal tax payment system (EFTPS), check/money order, and debit/credit card payments
  • Provide your consent to the IRS to disclose information about your HVUT payment to other federal agencies.
  • Designate an employee, return preparer, or other third party to manage your Form 2290 Online Filing with the IRS (optional)
  • Review the TaxSeer2290 filing summary and make any final changes to ensure all of your information is correct before submission.
  • Pay the affordable TaxSeer2290 service charge via Credit Card.
  • Download your completed Form 2290 and the IRS Form2290 Schedule 1.  These documents will also be sent to the registered email on your account.

And that’s it!  Easy, right?  As part of our commitment to make e-filing convenient, we are available via phone at (240) 780-6153 or via email at Contact us today for help getting started!



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