Penalties for Delay in Filing HVUT Form 2290 Online

Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) filing starts from 1st July and the deadline to file taxes for the full tax year without penalty is 31st August. If the filing gets rejected then it is the responsibility of the filer to correct and resubmit it and get the Schedule 1 before the deadline. If your Form 2290 Online Filing or payment is late then you will have to face penalties that will be over the taxes that you owe.

HVUT Penalties

If you failed to submit your Form 2290 filing or HVUT payment before the deadline then IRS will send you a notice with the penalty. However, if you can provide satisfactory reasons for the delay then IRS may waive the penalty or reduce it. Please make sure to provide your explanation for the delay during filing. It is up to the IRS to accept or reject the reason and decide on the penalty. There are penalties for making false or fraudulent returns too specially related to the gross weight category and mileage.

Penalty calculation

Taxseer2290 system is not authorized by IRS to calculate the Penalties and the filers can normally file the Form 2290 Online through us even after the deadline. IRS calculates the penalties after going through the explanation of the reason for delay and the following rules to calculate the HVUT penalty are employed:

The normal penalty is 4.5% of the taxes due after the due date. Thereafter, the penalty accrues each month at the rate of 0.5% of the total tax due up to 5 months. There is a provision of additional interest of 0.54% per month on the total tax owed.

Effect of late filing on vehicle operation

Your vehicle tags are only renewed by the DMV after you present them the IRS stamped schedule 1 (The proof of the HVUT payment). If you have not filed form 2290 and received the Schedule 1 within the deadline then you are operating your vehicle illegally and this has other repercussions including suspension of your vehicle registration.

E-file HVUT Form 2290 with Taxseer2290

You just have to sign up at and select the Start Filing option. The e-file wizard will guide you step by step to complete and submit the error-free filing. The Schedule 1 is emailed to the registered email address and this can be printed and presented to the DMV to get the vehicle tag renewed. The 10 step e-filing process is listed below:

  • Step1: Add the business information
  • Step 2: Select the form type (HVUT Form 2290) from the list
  • Step 3: Select the begin month of the vehicle for filing. If filing for the whole tax year then select July as the begin month.
  • Step 4: Enter the vehicle detail under taxable, suspended or credit vehicles option
  • Step 5: Enter the IRS payment out of the 3 available options 1) Direct debit from Checking/Saving account 2) EFTPS 3) Through Check/Money Order
  • Step 6: Accept to the IRS Disclosure term
  • Step 7: Designate third party information who can discuss this e-filing with the IRS
  • Step 8: Review the filing information
  • Step 9: Pay Taxseer2290 for the service charge and submit for e-filing
  • Step 10: Taxseer2290 e-files and emails the IRS Stamped schedule 1 to the registered email. Alternatively, the user can download the Schedule 1 and the completed Form 2290 Online from the Taxseer2290.

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