Next Generation Online IRS Form 2290 eFile Solution For The Tax Year 2021-22

Taxseer2290 is excited to unveil the next generation form 2290 online filing solution for the tax year 2021-22 with the new advanced features and the vastly improved Excel bulk upload option to provide an easy, safe, and guided IRS form 2290 efile solution to the tax professionals and truck owners. Taxseer2290 has been developed with efficiency, security, usability, & cost-effectiveness in mind so that it really works in the self-service model where the users can perform the online IRS form 2290 eFile with minimal support from our US-based support staff.

New Generation Online IRS Form 2290 eFile Solution for the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)

With the next generation form 2290 online solution, you’ll perform the following step-by-step guided filing to complete and submit the form 2290 filing and receive the IRS stamped proof of payment (Schedule 1) within 5 minutes:

1. Create a free account with

Create a free account on by just providing your email address, name, password, and phone#. It takes just less than a minute to sign up and then you are ready to start filing. Our proactive phone support team contacts the registered user on the phone# provided for any critical issues.

2. Enter the business information

The user is required to provide the business details of the organization filing the Form 2290 or Form 8849 returns. You’ll need the Employer Identification Number (EIN), Business Type (e.g.; Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, LLC, etc.), Business Name, Business Address, and Signing Authority details.

3. Enter the vehicle’s VIN and Gross Weight

Taxseer2290 very smartly handles the filing of taxable, tax-suspended, and credit vehicles in the step-by-step process and calculates the total taxes for the taxable vehicles and at the same time adjusts the credit amount for the credit vehicles. If the credit amount in form 2290 is more than the tax amount owed then the system automatically files form 8849 – Schedule 6 to claim credit for the balance amount. The following section provides details about the vehicle types involved with the online form 2290 eFile:

  • Taxable Vehicle – If you drive the vehicle more than 5000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural vehicle) during the tax year then file the vehicle as a taxable vehicle. IRS provides the rate table based on the vehicle gross weight starting with 55,000 pounds (Category A) and ending with the 75,000 pounds and above (Category-V) and the Taxseer2290 system automatically calculates the IRS payment based on the entered gross weight and the first used month of the vehicle.  
  • Tax-Suspended Vehicle – If the total mileage on the vehicle is less than 5000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural vehicle) during the tax year then the filing should be performed under the tax-suspended vehicle (W) category. Though there is no tax imposed on the tax-suspended vehicle, the Form 2290 filing should be performed every year.
  • Credit Vehicle – If you have to report about the vehicles that were sold/destroyed/damaged/stolen and want to claim credit for the taxes already paid for these vehicles then you can include those vehicles under the credit vehicle option. You can also include vehicles for low mileage credit that were reported under the taxable vehicles in the previous tax year but the mileage did not exceed beyond the 5000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural vehicles).

 4. Complete the IRS payment option

While filing your truck taxes, you can select from any of the four payment options for HVUT payment that you owe to the IRS:

  • Electronic Fund Withdrawal (EFW): This is the most widely used payment option by HVUT filers where they provide their bank checking/saving account number and the routing number. Taxseer2290 passes the bank account information to the IRS system and the tax amount is directly debited from the provided account.
  • Electronic federal tax payment system (EFTPS): To use the EFTPS option during the HVUT Form 2290 e-filing, the user just needs to select the EFTPS payment option and accept the responsibility to pay timely through EFTPS account. There is no more information required to be entered on the Taxseer2290 site for EFTPS payment. The user can submit the Form 2290 e-file order on Taxseer2290 and instantly receive Schedule 1 (IRS stamped proof of payment). The user then needs to go to the site and log on to the EFTPS account and pay the HVUT tax amount. IRS system will be able to link the payment made on the EFTPS site with the Form 2290 filing submitted through Taxseer2290 based on the EIN.
  • Check/Money order: You can e-file form 2290 and send payment by check or money order. Make sure to print your completed form 2290 from the Taxseer2290 site and cut the voucher at the bottom of the document and send it to the IRS along with the signed check or money order.

5. Pay & submit the filing

You can make payment of our service charge through Credit Card and submit the filing. We don’t provide refund after the order is submitted and the Schedule 1 received. Even though Taxseer2290 is the leading IRS-approved Form 2290 e-file service provider, we have maintained the lowest service charges for years. Nothing can be better than the 5-Star rating that our customers provide for the high-quality service and the low price that we offer and we owe this to the top quality technical resources that we have at Taxseer2290.

6. Receive the IRS stamped schedule 1 within 5 minutes

Taxseer2290 will immediately submit the form 2290 e-file data to the IRS system and get the IRS stamped schedule 1 within 5 minutes. The schedule 1 is immediately emailed to the user’s registered email address and it can also be downloaded from the site.

And that’s it!  Easy and real self-service, right?  As part of our commitment to make e-filing convenient, we are available via phone at (240) 780-6153 or via email at Contact us today for help getting started!

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