IRS Stamped Schedule 1 (Proof of Payment) for Form 2290 online filing

When you file your heavy highway vehicle use tax (HVUT) online with the IRS, you will receive a stamped form 2290 Schedule 1 document. This Schedule 1 can be used as confirmation with the DMV when registering your heavy vehicle(s) that your Federal Tax Form 2290 has been received and accepted by the IRS. If you file your HVUT form 2290 in a traditional manner, you may spend weeks waiting for your IRS stamped proof of payment – Schedule 1 document while your trucks are sitting idle, not earning you money.  Instead, when you choose to e-file using TaxSeer2290, your electronic filing data is transmitted to the IRS system within seconds. The IRS system will then check your Form 2290 against the information in its database. Once your Form is confirmed as complete, you will receive your digitally stamped Schedule 1.  When you file with TaxSeer2290, the entire process takes minutes, not weeks!  Let’s take a closer look at what is included in your stamped Schedule 1 document.

Standard Content of the Schedule 1

The Schedule 1 document contains standard filing information for your business such as the Employer Identification Number (EIN), Business Name, Doing Business As (DBA), Business Address, Tax Year, Month of First Use, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and Vehicle Weight Categories. Since you may enter multiple VINs as part of your e-filing, these VINs and corresponding vehicle category will be displayed on your Schedule 1 in a tabular format. The DMV will check that this information matches with what is listed in your vehicle’s registration. Even though your Schedule 1 serves a proof of payment for your HVUT, the actual paid tax amount will not appear on the document. Instead, the VIN and the vehicle category printed on the Schedule 1 serves as confirmation that your HVUT has been paid.

Stamp on the Schedule 1

Don’t expect to see an actual ink stamp on your Schedule 1 document. When e-filing with TaxSeer2290, your stamped Schedule 1 will contain a digital e-file watermark. This watermark will appear in the center of the document and will include the date your Form 2290 was received. With the IRS watermark, your stamped Schedule 1 form will be accepted by all DOTs, DMVs, and other federal agencies for whom you need to show proof of payment in order to obtain or renew your vehicles registration. Please contact Taxseer2290 chat support if you have any questions related to the authenticity of your Schedule 1.

Delivery Method of the Schedule 1

When you e-file using Taxseer2290, your stamped Schedule 1 document will be emailed automatically to the email address of the TaxSeer2290 account holder. If you are a tax professional e-filing on behalf of another business, be sure to forward the stamped Schedule 1 from your account to that of the business for whom you are filing.  Alternatively, users may download the stamped Schedule 1 document from the Taxseer2290 account by clicking on the download link on the home page of the site.

The stamped Schedule 1 is a critical piece of filing your HVUT taxes. TaxSeer2290 staff are available to answer any questions you may have about this process.  Contact us via phone at (240) 780-6153 or via email at



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